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Movement, bodywork and observing and exploring our unique bodies and way we move has always been an interest for me.

My journey began as a dancer. I lived and trained in New York at The Cunningham Studios, a contemporary dance centre.

I spent years working and performing in various contemporary dance companies in London ranging from site specific projects, dance community projects and work in progress explorations.

I taught regular dance classes in London focusing on fitness and choreography and was also a regular teacher for Hulafit

My sister Lizzy and I co-founded a performative female wrestling team in 2010 that toured UK and Europe creating a cross disciplinary and cultural community in the European underground performance art and festival scene.

Following an injury resulting in an end of my professional dance training, my body responded rather aggressively and I came down with shingles and bouts of depression. After several months I was becoming aware of how my emotional body and immune system were so closely linked. I retrained as a Sports Massage Therapist at the London School of Sports and Remedial Massage and spent many years working as a sports therapist in London and overseas working with a variety of clients ranging from MMA fighters and circus performers to working in end of life therapy and specifically treating those living with Dementia.

It was not till many years later by chance I was introduced to Biodynamic Massage which concentrates on the integration of all aspects of an individual - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual,transforming the way I work today.

In 2019 I moved to North Devon for the space, focus and to be near the surf! I currently offer treatments from a variety of places.

I am also currently the only Biodynamic Practitioner in North Devon which is hugely exciting to be able to share this wonderful treatment with new people interested in exploring their own mind body connection.

...so get in touch! 




North Devon &
Neals Yard Remedies, Exeter

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