Biodynamic Bodywork Therapy


Mindfulness for the Body

Biodynamic Bodywork in north devon

Biodynamic Bodywork aims to help people cultivate balance and support them to adapt, connect and re-educate with the nature of their being.

The body holds onto experiences through memories but also forming our own "emotional armouring" which can bring both protection from feeling overwhelmed or simply because these experiences may be too difficult to digest so they sit within us. By suppressing these experiences we very often learn to live with it. In some cases this can develop into a restriction, physically, emotionally and spiritually and can cause some to retreat from ourselves and bodies completely.

​Through listening and responding with a variety of different techniques Biodynamic Bodywork Therapy helps to nurture and support the release and 'melting' of this armouring in the muscles, bones and aura.  Through small releases in the body we start creating space which allow for movement and can result in a more balanced and dynamic being.

This is a psychotherapeutic form of bodywork and the unique nature of this therapy is the use of a stethoscope which is placed on the clients abdomen during the massage.  Using the sound of the "psycho peristalsis" as though we digest food we also digest emotion, experiences and sensation on another level. Through deep listening this helps us to connect to our body, this helps guide and tailor the treatment to the client to aid emotional and physical release and support.

Biodynamic Massage is great for those interested in exploring the mind-body nature connection through touch, whether it be for insight into specific bodily issues, or as a means to self-discovery and change.

Therapeutic Aims:

  • Rebalancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

  • Relaxation

  • Relief of internal emotional pressure

  • Release of muscular tension

  • Toning of under-toned muscle

  • Increased body awareness

  • Release of toxins

  • Discovery of a more "natural" breathing pattern

I usually recommend 6 sessions to begin with for those who want to explore it for their self discovery.

Currently offering 30 mins online consultation for those interested in starting their journey.