Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Biodynamic Massage is something so new to this part of the UK, I have found to be the only Therapist practising in North Devon so it is hugely exciting to be able to share this and to experience intrigue from others.

I do however get asked all the time what it is so thought it would be great to share a short Q&A I did to bring it more to life for those who may be interested.

What is Biodynamic Massage?

Its a form of massage therapy which is concerned with the connection between mind, emotion and how the body responds to imbalances in the nervous system. The therapist uses various techniques both hands on and aura work to aid the safe release of these physical and emotional tensions in the body and mind.

What is the difference between this and normal massage?

The treatment can be clothed and does not use oil. We use a stethoscope which is placed on the tummy and is used to indicate emotional blockages in the body which can help to guide the treatment.

It is also an open dialogue so in many sessions you may find you therapists may ask certain questions about what you are feeling if it feels necessary, sometimes the session won't invite dialogue.

Each session is different as the body is never in the exact same emotional or physical state every day. i:e some days you may be feeling more grounded and relaxed than others so your nervous system is always in a different part in your cycle.

Who would you recommend this too?

This treatment is really nurturing and supportive to those who suffer from chronic symptoms such as 

-digestive problems, 

- headaches, 

- muscular or emotional tension

- insomnia.

Emotionally this can be really beneficially for:

-Those who are feeling very overwhelmed,

- very busy lives and busy heads, 

-stuck in life and feeling frustrated and anxious. 

-Those who have experienced trauma or have no time for themselves

-Emotionally and physically exhausted


- Those who are interested in their mind,  body connection and want to explore this.

-Who use some sort of meditation and want to embody this further

Im am so stressed, will it fix this?

As stress is a result of an imbalance and build- up of charge in the nervous system then what this treatment supports is allowing to balance this by creating space for breath, space to be present and with this space comes healing time which this treatment allows for.

Will I see results instantly?

Usually after one session you will feel much more grounded and relaxed and aware of sensations in your body.  If you know you have repressed emotion or feeling  abit stuck and you need a little more support to help bring it to balance then we suggest 6 sessions. The reason for this is that it can often take time for the body to be ready to release both emotionally and physically so through regular sessions it can allow for this to process in a safe place and you will also see more prominent and consistent changes after the sessions.  It is also very reassuring and supportive to have regular sessions as it gives you time to process what happens on your own after each session.

Your therapist has regular supervision with a licensed therapist to explore certain responses that have been identified in treatment so by having regular sessions with your therapist it will deepen this journey. Additionally your mind-body connection will be hugely supported and you can ensure your therapist has your best interests at heart.

IMPORTANT- If someone has clear signs or has mentioned they are living with mental health issues please advise that this is a complementary therapy that works really well alongside talking therapy, councilling so would be best to speak to the therapist first to ensure that support is in place and that the journey into Biodynamic Massage is held safely for the client.




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