Something was Pulling me here, London was Pulling me down

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I have recently made the move from London to North Devon just over a week ago. I left my job, my clients, my flatshare in Archway and all the facilities a city like London has to offer.

My sister drove down with me as new to driving I had never driven on motorways and who knew the first time would be my move out of London.

I wanted to start a blog to share my experience of moving from London to North Devon all on my tod. I also see this as a great opportunity to share my interests and talk about Biodynamic Massage, beginning to surf (a bumpy but fun ride!) and my own practice with self regulation whilst also sharing with you my work with massage for Dementia which is another area that I was greatly passionate about in London.

Being born and bred in London I had all my roots there, it did not intimidate me, I was able to function and work (despite being broke most of the time, relying on credit cards and overdrafts to get me through), had a good group of friends and family close. However over the last few years things started to change. I was finding it harder to feel satisfied with my lust for life, lifestyle was starting to get unhealthy and I became very sensitive to the air quality, the noise was intrusive and things just felt heavy.

Working for 5 years as a massage therapist in London I was lucky to land a job at Saunton Sands Hotel. They have recently opened up a luxury wellness spa where I am also delivering a new treatment to their list of specialist treatment which is Biodynamic Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage as well as treating people in Sports and Remedial Massage.

I have learnt to love my own company again and coming here was definitely a test for this. I was pumped with adrenalin the first few days and trying to get involved with as much on offer as possible. Driving to new places, attending fitness classes, having well needed surf lessons when I could! This adrenalin does not last for ever so with the elated days does come down days. As a practicing Biodynamic Massage Therapist I need to tune into this and self regulate myself. I realise though that I am so lucky to be here and its just about shifting my mind, which will take time.

I have just got into surfing (another reason for my move) and on the weekend took myself to Putsborough Beach, I will do a blog on beginners to surfing too as I think its great to track this also!

To have the space and the best quality of air in the UK feels utterly amazing and I am learning to slow down. I have also met a few people here already but it is a journey and things will change. My practice will develop and I hope my slow introduction to the surfing community will also allow me to find new areas of myself I never knew I held.

Moving to Devon has been something I have yearned for for years. I spent a year in South Devon at a college there but left as I missed the city and after a several years in London I yearned for the space again but am now trying out North Devon which I have to admit is breathtakingly beautiful.

Crow Point

Things are still very much fresh and new here so I hope by tracking my journey and sharing all sorts of stories it will both help me to reflect on decisions I make, help develop my work here as a therapist and also inspire others to follow a path to help them get out of a rut or a unhealthy cycle.

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