Founded in 2020 in a candle cave in North Devon, England. The MimiMomo was poured into vessels to inspire fantasy, daydream, play and the mission to gather back our time.


Miranda (Mimi) spent much of her life daydreaming, falling into fantasy land and loved the magic and power of aroma. Aside from enjoying the sound of the word MOMO it is also is the magical writings of Michael Ende and wonderfully suited the concept of the candle.


The signature MimiMomo with a choice of wooden wick or the traditional cotton wick and blank canvas pearly pool invites us to light, tend and maintain our mini fires as our ceremonial start to the voyage begins.

Allow it to transport you into your imagination of sunsets and sunrises and enter the daydreaming hours. For these are the most important hours.


To experience a MimiMomo voyage is to never forget to keep your sacred time. On all signature candles hangs a stainless steel compass charm you can carry, wear or keep in your treasure chest ..until your next voyage..

MimiMomo Signature

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  • 100% Soy Wax Candle set in 150g Amber Jars with Urea Lid. 

    Stainless Steel Compass Charms which are hypoallergenic, strong and do not tarnish.

    Wooden and Cotton Wick Candles Available.