The treatment I received was of the highest standard and very effective. I have suffered a serious back injury and as a result have much soft tissue damage and postural issues. Miranda has a thorough knowledge of the body and was easily able to identify tension in the areas that were causing me discomfort and applied the techniques most effective for my injury. The bespoke treatment given benefited me more than many I've had previously. Following the treatment I was given stretches and exercises that I could practice in my own time, some of which I'm still using. I would highly recommend Miranda to anyone looking for a professional, effective treatment. Looking forward to booking in another session.

Harry - London

Miranda made me feel incredibly comfortable. We had a short consultation in which she gathered more information on what kind of treatment I needed and tailored it accordingly. The biodynamic massage was very relaxing and made me feel energised and calm at the same time. It's great to hear the response of my gut through the stethoscope and it helped me really connect with my body. I would highly recommend Miranda as a therapist, she combines working intuitively while being very skilled and knowledgable in a beautiful way.

Luzi - CBD LND

"My Mum has benefited immensly from Miranda's massage therapy. Its really clear to us that human touch is a powerful and healing thing for people with dementia. Mum suffers from acute anxiety and she manages to relax quite deeply during her massages.  She is visibly less anxious and happier for some days after the treatment too.  Miranda has been hugely adaptable and sensitive to the physical limitations of Mum's condition.  She will massage her in her chair and only work on areas that are accessible on that occasion or, if Mum has the energy, she will move her with the help of carers.  

Miranda has a calming presence and Mum is relaxed in her presence.  Miranda came with prior knowledge of dementia which has been reassuring to us.  On occasions they have spoken about Mum's interests and past experiences and on others Mum has wanted to stay silent and even fallen asleep.  Mum now has monthly massage treatments and they are building up a real rapport which has also helped Mum feel less lonely.   Mum talks fondly of Miranda and will always brighten up when she is told that she has a massage session coming soon.  We see these sessions as a form of therapy for Mum.

Through the regular sessions have also learnt ways of helping Mum relax in-between her treatments.  For instance, we now have an essential oil diffuser in her room and stress balls to help improve the gripping tendency which has left her hands tense and somewhat contorted.  Miranda will also always feed back to us about how Mum has presented during a session.

We feel so lucky to have found a treatment that helps Mum so much"

Ruth- Daughter of mother with Dementia

"Thank you, Miranda, for your warm and caring treatment of ******* It has made such an enormous difference to her, she absolutely loves it, and I can see how it relaxes  and calms her. How wonderful it would be If all elderly and very frail people could have this kind of soothing therapy at the end stage of life"

Legal Guardian of Resident with Dementia

"she understood the problem and had great anatomical knowledge. Highly recommended!"


Adam Wookey- Personal Trainer

Excellent massage, feel a whole lot better for it. Very professional. Definite recommendation

Vince - London

Amazing. Miranda is super friendly and has an Intuitive touch. Very quickly identified where to work and my troubled areas. My shoulders felt so free after the treatment!

Mayan- London

Amazing massage!!... Knew exactly how to find & treat my *troubled spots*. Left feeling super relaxed & tension free.. Can't recommend enough!.. Thank you Miranda looking forward to session next week!

Rhian Costigan- Massage Therapist

Woweee one of the best massages I've ever had! Really relaxing but still firm- definitely got my knots out! Thanks miranda xx

Josie- Brighton

I love having a massage with Miranda. She's so warm and welcoming and I've sent loads of friends to go and see her.

Kitty - Reflexologist

Very good massage and reach all my tense areas, was so relaxing, can't wait to go back!!

Rachel- Teacher

Miranda was amazing during a weekend fitness retreat where she was in charge of holistic therapies for the clients.
All the feedback was 100% positive and she was totally professional to work with.

Neil Laybourn -Mental Health Speaker

Fantastic massage - Miranda really got out all the tension, knots and worked on all my problem areas. Super relaxing and I'm looking forward to my next appointments! Highly recommended.

Jenny - London

Miranda is amazing and I'd highly recommend her! Can't wait to go back!

Matthew - Brickwall Films

Superb knowledge and skill. Top Masseuse *****

Liz - London

Fantastic massage need to arrange my next one soon

Jamie - London

Miranda is a fantastic therapist! Warm, welcoming energy and reads the body like a book! So talented and knowledgable! I highly recommend Miranda, thank you so much :)

Holly- North Devon

I did not want to just talk to a counsellor, but felt I needed something or someone to help. For me
this biodynamic massage ‘treatment’ seemed like a calming, luxury massage based on science. The
combination of a massage and therapeutic reflection time with the potential to draw out and release
stress and tension and help me deal with the emotional feelings that I was experiencing, following
what was without doubt a period of traumatic events in my life, sounded like it might be the answer.
It certainly has been.
I was apprehensive at first, ‘nervous’, but soon in welcoming, calming, candlelit room, my body
began to relax and respond to the movements of this special massage.
Miranda is gentle, caring, considerate, professional. Each treatment/massage was tailored to my
mood and how I was feeling, it was individual – it was never the case of one method fits all. Miranda
never pushed me to talk, but I could if I wished.
I could not believe, and still cannot, the feeling of stress/tension/emotions from the past (some long
ago) flowing through and out of my body. Sometimes, I left the session energised, sometimes
exhausted, usually peaceful.
I think the fact that it was me and my body reacting (rather than me talking to a counsellor) meant
that I have been more in control since the sessions. I know better how to relax my body, my mind
and thoughts.
I do not feel I would have coped as well with the lockdowns without the experience of biodynamic
massage - I would not be where I am today: more relaxed, even keeled and far better able to deal
with life’s stresses/disappointments.
A little bit of luxury, ‘me time’, massage has had a life-changing positive impact.